Highly trained practitioners should be able to use Botox to preserve facial expression while softening wrinkles. Dr. Kolstad carefully maps his patient’s facial muscles and removes movement in specific areas to soften lines and create a natural appearance.

There are many medical spas and offices offering cheap Botox treatments performed by nurses or doctors without extensive experience. These providers can frequently achieve the anticipated results and many patients are satisfied. However, Botox administered by inadequately trained professionals can lead to disastrous consequences.

Dr. Kolstad is frequently sought by patients who have had improper Botox injections leading to dropping of the eyelids. This is a treatable, but also avoidable complication of putting Botox into the wrong muscles.

Dr. Kolstad’s expertise in Botox comes from spending a year training with one of Allergan’s Black Diamond Providers. The prestigious Black Diamond is awarded to the top 1% of practices and medical spas using Allergan’s Botox and Juvederm products. It is through working and learning from the best that Dr. Kolstad is able to deliver such high quality care to his patients.


1) Glabella

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Lines between the eyebrows, also known as the “11’s”. Even the deepest creases can be significantly improved with only one treatment. This area frequently requires 14-18 units of Botox. *Individual Results May Vary.

2) Forehead

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Lines across the forehead can be softened while still preserving function. It is important to have some motion in the brow to prevent the “frozen” appearance common in Southern California. Many of our patients also experience a Botox Browlift, opening the eyes and making them look less tired. The forehead creases can be softened using 7-10 units of Botox.  *Individual Results May Vary.

3) Crow’s Feet

Lines around the eyes, frequently referred to as “crow’s feet”. These respond favorably to Botox. Only a highly trained and experienced providers should administer Botox around the eyes. The crow’s feet frequently require 20-25 units of Botox for full treatment.  *Individual Results May Vary.

4) Lipstick Lines / Smoker’s Lines.

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Fine creases around the mouth, also known as “smoker’s lines” lines. These respond favorably to a combination of Botox and Juvederm. A very small amount of Botox, typically under 10 units can be applied to the upper lip to soften the creases. *Individual Results May Vary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dr. Kolstad administers every unit of Botox for his patients.
Dynamic wrinkles are caused by the contractions of underlying facial muscles every time you smile, laugh, or frown. The more emotion you show, the deeper these wrinkles and lines are likely to be. While you may have earned your worry lines, you don’t have to show them anymore.
Botox partially blocks the nerve impulses to the facial muscles that are related to expression lines. This causes the muscles that are related to expression to relax. After the solution takes effect, the overlying skin will be smooth and unwrinkled while your untreated facial muscles will still function and contract continuing to cause dynamic expressions.
You can generally expect to see results in 3-5 days, although it may take as long as two weeks. Most people can expect to enjoy the benefits for 4-6 months.

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