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Treating Scars Can Improve Your Appearance and Your Life

Many people live with visible scars that are serious enough to affect their happiness and self-esteem. Scars can be the result (and reminder) of a serious accident, illness or years of acne. Whatever the reason, scars can have a profound […]

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What are my Options to Correct Acne Scarring?

Acne scars that result from severe cystic or nodular lesions can be improved using skin resurfacing procedures, dermal fillers or a combination of both. Skin resurfacing techniques are most effective in treating a global scarring pattern that affects multiple areas […]

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Acne in your Late Twenties? You’re Not Alone.

ABC News recently published an article addressing a frustration of many women. Adult onset of acne affects even those that did not experience acne during adolescence or their teenage years. For many women, hormonal fluctuations are the culprit leading to […]

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What Else Can I Do to Improve Acne Scarring?

Depressed acne scars can be raised using injectable fillers. The goal is to elevate the surface of the scar to the level of the skin so a shadow is not cast in the depressed area. Any HA (hyaluronic acid) […]

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My Acne is Gone but I Still Have a Red Mark, is it a Permanent Acne Scar?

PIH may also result from acne, leaving behind a flat area of discoloration on the skin ranging from pink to red, purple, brown or black depending on your skin tone and depth of the discoloration. While often mistaken […]

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Do Acne Scars Go Away?



Acne scars, especially pitting ‘ice-pick’ scars tend to be permanent. The good news is that there are a variety of treatments depending on the size of the scars.

Resurfacing peels / microdermabrasion are very superficial in nature […]

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