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Rhinoplasty: The Nose Knows


We focus on facial services here at Kolstad Facial Plastic Surgery, and with good reason. The face is made up of so many tiny bones and muscles that all come together to make your beautiful face. And we know that [...]

Rhinoplasty: The Nose Knows2019-05-28T20:17:45+00:00
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What Medications Can Help with Hair Loss?


Summer is winding down, which means that it’s time to transition back to warmer clothes in many parts of the world. You may love sweater weather, but how do you feel about winter hats? If you find yourself drawn to [...]

What Medications Can Help with Hair Loss?2019-05-28T20:17:46+00:00
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Dreaming of a Nose Job?


Whether you’ve been curious about rhinoplasty (also called a nose job) for a long time or just for a few months, there’s probably a lot you’ve been wondering about. Maybe you’re curious what you would look like with a new [...]

Dreaming of a Nose Job?2019-05-28T20:17:46+00:00
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