Nasal tip rotation is evaluated on profile view. It is the angle between the under side of the nose and the upper lip (see figure 1). The ideal tip rotation is estimated to be between 95 – 115 degrees for women, and 90 degrees for men.

ideal nasal tip rotation

What is the ideal amount of tip rotation for you? That is entirely dependent on what you think looks right for your nose and face. Period. Although rhinoplasty is not precise enough to choose the exact angle of rotation, you can typically choose to keep the rotation the same, slightly increase or slightly decrease it. Simply changing the angle or rotation will not alter the width or definition of the nasal tip.

In general, the happiest patients after surgery tend to be ones with specific complaints that are correctable with rhinoplasty. Spend time thinking and evaluating the specific features with which you are unhappy. Is the bridge of your nose too wide, is there a hump on the profile view, is it straight? Also, consider if the nasal tip is too large or too pointed, or moves too much with speech. Being able to communicate your concerns and desired goals will allow you and Dr. Kolstad to have a meaningful discussion about whether these goals are realistic and attainable.

Dr. Kolstad is a San Diego Facial Plastic Surgeon specializing in rhinoplasty that improves both the nasal shape and function.

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